04/23/2012 05:57 pm ET

World's Biggest Serving Of Nachos Clocks In At 4,689 Pounds

We're not quite sure if 1700 pounds of beef and cheese on top of 600 pounds of tortilla chips sounds like a dream or a nightmare. But that's what it takes to crate the world's biggest serving of nachos weighing in at 4,689 pounds and served on an 80-foot tray. Even with 2,000 pounds of spoiled food due to warm weather, this nacho monstrosity easily trumped the previous record, a mere 3,999 pounds set in October 2011.

Created at the Kansas Relays by a team effort from Centerplate catering and The Salty Iguana restaurant, the nachos extravaganza raised money for LINK Kitchen, a charity that feeds the hungry five days a week.

At least 70 percent of the nachos were consumed.

Check out a video of the nacho event here and a photo of the giant nacho tray here.