04/24/2012 05:18 pm ET

Agent Provocateur 'The Chase' Ad: Sexy Model Runs Down A Bag-Snatching Thief (VIDEO)

Almost like clockwork, Agent Provocateur is back again with its latest ad, "The Chase," and this one is actually not as racy as some of the lingerie company's past videos.

Maybe the Agent Provocateur learned from its last run-in with Britain's Advertising Standards Authority that it's better to err on the side of caution than risk a complaint with the ASA.

In the newest ad for the Agent Provocateur Classics collection, a sexy model chases down a petty thief who snatched an elderly woman's bag. Of course, in the middle of the mad dash, her dress catches on a fence and rips off, showcasing the collection's Margot lingerie set.

Scantily clad and not giving a damn, she jumps over a pile of garbage in an alleyway and darts through someone's living room in pursuit of the thief.

Fortunately, she's wearing flats.

She finally catches up with the thief in the park and takes him down. As she victoriously straddles him, grabbing the purse from his thieving clutches, she screams, "You're going down!" and pauses to brush her fingers through her hair.

Sexy lingerie triumphs yet again.

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