04/24/2012 09:24 am ET Updated Apr 30, 2012

John Oliver Interviews Herman Cain On 'Inside The Political Curtain' (VIDEO)

Now that Mitt Romney is in the market for a vice presidential candidate, it's important to keep his potential running mates on their toes. So John Oliver asked former GOP candidate and human meme Herman Cain to join him on his "Daily Show" segment "Behind the Political Curtain."

In the interview, Oliver brings up many of the issues Americans might be thinking of when considering a Romney/Cain ticket: the "Ubeki-beki-stan" comments, the Libya gaffe and favorite fictional presidents.

Cain handles Oliver's line of questioning (and the laughter from the audience) with his characteristic charm and grin, but whether or not it would be enough to convince actual voters of his competence is still yet to be seen.

Oliver ends the interview by asking Cain to give a speech in the style of an apocalyptic alien invasion movie, and believe us, any Cain speech that begins with, "Citizens of Earth," is one you want to hear.