04/24/2012 03:15 pm ET Updated Apr 24, 2012

Kent State University's College Fest Leads To Multiple Arrests, SWAT Team, Teargas

Have you ever attended a party so wild a SWAT team had to break it up?

On April 21, 33 people were arrested after an annual block party to celebrate the end of the academic year at Kent State required several police departments, a SWAT team and medical professionals to disperse it.

After the authorities arrived, announcing on a loudspeaker "the party is over," some members of the 3,000 strong-crowd threw beer bottles back at law enforcement. Reportedly, flash-bang devices were also used. In response, police fired tear-gas into the crowd.

The Kent Stater reports at least nine of those arrested were Kent State students. Kent State spokesperson Emily Vincent told Patch the students will face a university hearing through the school's Office of Student Conduct following their charges in Portage County Municipal Court.

"If found responsible, each individual student could face disciplinary probation, suspension and/or dismissal," Vincent told Patch.

Kent Police Capt. Paul Canfield said they're still investigating who might be responsible for committing assaults and throwing items like bottles.

WATCH: Five videos from different advantage points as the SWAT team moved in to break up the crowds.

Warning: Some of the language heard in the videos is NSFW.

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