04/24/2012 07:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

King Penguin Baby Looks Like Fear (PHOTO)

This photo gives a whole new meaning to scary-cute.

Born on April 9 in Galveston, Texas to mother "Chilly Willy," the penguin chick weighed in at just 198 grams. Now it has already grown to 1.3 pounds, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The bird will be named in a few months, once blood tests determine its gender, according to the paper.

“Out of all the attractions that we have here the aquarium is the most popular,” Gardens spokesperson Jerri Hamachek told the Chronicle. “Out of the aquarium exhibits, penguins are the most popular. They are active and fun birds to watch.”

Lets hope this little guy is luckier than this penguin from Sea World Australia who was stolen by drunken thieves and then later dropped off at a "nearby waterway known to have sharks." Poor penguin!

If you like this, check out this video of a Gentoo penguin born at the Melbourne Aquarium. Too cute!