04/24/2012 09:20 am ET Updated Jan 04, 2013

Customer Assaulted McDonald's Manager Over Poor Customer Service, Cops (WATCH)

A McDonald's manager was beaten with a baseball bat, Lakeland Police report, after a customer became enraged alleging poor customer service.

According to a police release, the suspect entered the fast food chain on Sunday night to order food but was dissatisfied when he wasn't served promptly.

The manager reportedly asked him if he had been waited on and the suspect told him he had not and said he was treated just as poorly at the restaurant on the previous day.

He demanded the corporate number to complain, but once the manager provided it, the suspect threw the paper down and left.

The suspect, however, returned 20 minutes later with a baseball bat, jumped over the counter, and attacked the manager, according to police.

Watch the surveillance video above.

Employees told ABC Action News that the suspect lost his temper when he was overlooked in the line.

"He just started flipping out and he left and came back, jumped over the counter and started beating the manager who accidentally skipped over him with a bat," an employee said in the 911 call.

The suspect hit the manager twice with the bat, police report, and stated "all I wanted was some (explicative) food.”

He then left the McDonald's, reportedly leaving the manager with bruised ribs.

Lakeland Police are asking for anyone who recognizes the suspect or has information about the attack to call them at 863-834-6900 as the suspect is still at large.