04/24/2012 10:33 am ET

Michael Novatka Arrested For Burglary And Criminal Mischief; Claims To Be Prophet

A West Palm Beach man was arrested Sunday after police say he ransacked a local business and destroyed three cars, claiming to be on a mission from God.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by Palm Beach Post, Michael Novatka, 26, told police he was a prophet sent by God "to get rid of the devil's evil doings." But when showing officers a Jeep on which he had written "Fear God" in his own blood, he told police "It's a little scary. I scared myself when I saw what I did."

Police say he destroyed Psychic Corner in West Palm Beach, slashed apart the inside of a Jeep, and keyed and slashed the tires on a van. Get the full details on Palm Beach Post.

Novatka is charged with 3 felony counts for criminal mischief, 2 felony counts for burglary, and 3 misdemeanor counts for criminal mischief under $1,000. He is being held at Martin County Jail on $27,250 bond.

He's not the only criminal citing specific instructions from God.

Another man told police his destructive behavior was actually requested by God when he broke into a Connecticut home and smashed up the interior. He told the homeowner he'd broken into the house because "God wants me to help the world," adding "I mean you no harm."

A 58-year-old man in Minneapolis also cited religion when he told police that God wanted him to "marry" his niece, who he had been sexually abusing since she was 10 years old.

In 2009, a man who stalked singer-songwriter Jewel at her Texas ranch told police that God "led him to the ranch."

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