04/24/2012 12:50 pm ET

Timothy Geithner Considered For Dartmouth Presidency: Report

Where in the world is Timothy Geithner going next?

The latest rumor has the Treasury Secretary being offered a gig as president of Dartmouth, a position left open when President Obama nominated Jim Yong Kim to run the World Bank last month, the Treasury Secretary’s father-in-law allegedly told a group of diners at trendy New York eatery Bar Boulud, the New York Post reports.

The rumor is just the latest in a slew of speculation about Geithner's future. The Treasury Secretary told Bloomberg in January that Obama won’t ask him to stay on if the President wins another term. Before, that, Geithner signaled to White House officials over the summer that he was considering leaving his post after negotiations to raise the nation’s debt limit ended, but he ultimately agreed to stay on.

Geithner, who has remained Treasury Secretary for the entirety of the Obama presidency, is the only member of Obama's original economic team still at the White House.

Geithner's father-in-law reportedly told the diners that the school had already offered the post to the Treasury Secretary, himself a Dartmouth alum. Geithner allegedly turned it down because "he wants something else," the article claims.

When Obama announced that he would nominate Kim to lead the World Bank last month, The New York Times' Dealbook speculated that Geithner might be a likely candidate to replace Kim at Dartmouth. The same article also posited that Hank Paulson, Geithner's predecessor and another Dartmouth alum, could be on the short-list.

Treasury spokesman Anthony Coley told the Post that the story is "made up." When contacted by HuffPost, Coley said he had no additional comment.

If Geithner does become Dartmouth's president, he wouldn't be the first Treasury Secretary-turned-Ivy League President. Larry Summers, who headed up the Treasury Department under President Clinton, was president of Harvard from 2001 to 2006.