04/25/2012 02:50 am ET Updated Apr 25, 2012

'Cougar Town': Jules And Grayson Must Decide Who Will Sell Their House (VIDEO)

Major crossroads for Jules, Grayson and Laurie on "Cougar Town" (Tue., 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC). After Grayson suggested that he and Jules should combined their finances in anticipation of their marriage, Andy did an analysis of their income and spending. There, he realized that things were certainly tight for both of them -- he recommended Jules getting rid of Laurie at work -- but they would improve when one of them sells their house.

That was something the neighbors apparently had never thought about. Obviously, one of them would have to sell, but which one? For the sake of the show, it's logical to assume Grayson would sell his -- maybe Laurie, Travis or Bobby will somehow wind up living there to get everyone in the cul de sac.

The timing worked out very well, as Laurie's cake business was expanding and it was proving more than she could manage. That is, until Travis reminded her of her own advice to go all in 100%. If she believes in herself, go for it! So she does, and helps Jules in the process by subletting some of that expensive office space.

The march to the wedding continues on "Cougar Town," Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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