04/25/2012 08:28 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2012

'Daily Show' Blasts Secret Service Supervisor David Chaney For Prostitution Scandal (VIDEO)

After an Obama diplomatic visit to Colombia was disrupted by secret service members hiring prostitutes earlier this month, a full-blown scandal has emerged. 12 Secret Service employees have been implicated, 9 of whom have either resigned or been fired, and now separate instances of Marines hiring prostitutes are reportedly coming out of the woodwork.

But it's not so much the hiring-sex-workers-while-abroad thing that Jon Stewart took issue with on Tuesday night's "Daily Show." It was the getting-so-distracted-by-sex-that-you-fail-to-do-your-job and oh-yeah-your-job-is-to-protect-the-life-of-the-president-of-the-United-States thing.

Stewart took particular issue with a photo posted to Secret Service Supervisor David Chaney's Facebook profile, which features a smiling Sarah Palin in the foreground, and a watchful Chaney behind her. Chaney's caption for the photo read: "I was really checking her out, if you know what I mean?"

Stewart's reaction:

How the f*ck does a Secret Service guy have a Facebook page where he posts pictures of himself guarding political figures... What, are Secret Service guys on Foursquare too? "Hey, just checkin' in at the President's previously-undisclosed location!" As much as this scandal may indicate the need for new procedures and culture within the Secret Service, the problem may be more widespread.

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