04/25/2012 12:01 pm ET

'Joe Millionaire': Evan Marriott Apologizes, Slams Reality TV

Back in 2003, "Joe Millionaire" star Evan Marriott ruled reality TV. Nine years later, Marriott is older, wiser, and pretty apologetic.

In the nature of "The Bachelor," Fox's "Joe Millionaire" focused on the life of Marriott as he wooed women with his "money" and took them on extravagant dates. The catch? Marriott was actually a working class construction worker.

The series -- and a scandalous slurp in the woods, in particular -- recently made HuffPost TV's list of Fox's Most Shocking Moments Ever in honor of the network's 25th anniversary.

"Joe Millionaire" didn't exactly humble Marriott, and he went on to say no one on the show was his "type." Marriott listed the qualities of his "dream girl" to People magazine: "Blonde, big boobs, a little waist and a big, thick bubble butt."

After reading an article written by The Gloss' Jennifer Wright on Tuesday about how Marriott was a "terrible person" and hadn't "aged well" after his appearance on Fox's 25th Anniversary Special, Marriott came out of the woodwork and emailed Wright.

Not only did Marriott address his offensive comments from nearly a decade ago, but he slammed the nature of reality TV.

Here a portion of what he had to say:

Jennifer, its not like me to respond to articles written about me that are this hateful, (believe me there have been plenty), however I only felt it necessary to write to you because this article really hit home with me and I wanted an opportunity to apologize. Truth is, I never really wanted to be on TV and because I didn't understand the repercussions of how popular the show was going to be, when it came time to handle the minimal celebrity that I had, I failed miserably ... People in reality television can be terrible people ... I reflect back to that interview I did with you in 2003 and think about what a douche I was ... All I can say to you is I'm sorry. Other than giving you some really good dirt to print, I showed you a person who didn't deserve a good review to begin with. Thank you for letting me express these thoughts.

Click over to The Gloss to read Marriott's email in its entirety and let us know what you think in the comments below.