04/25/2012 12:52 pm ET

Tenacious D & Bob Odenkirk Determine If 'Rize Of The Fenix' Rocks Too Hard, With Science (VIDEO)

Fans of rock-metal-folk-comedy duo Tenacious D rejoice, for the D's newest work is almost here. The band's new album "Rize Of The Fenix" drops on May 15th, and in anticipation of the event, they released a promo video on "Rolling Stone" starring Bob Odenkirk.

Odenkirk plays Dr. Bill Teetz of the Tinnitis Institute, who, along with rock bassist Rudy Sarzo, examine the effects of the new Tenacious D album on Tinnitis sufferers. Symptoms include spontaneous violence, bleeding from the ears and tears of joy. Be on the lookout for Jack Black and Kyle Gass themselves making an appearance in the video.

Tenacious D were discovered by Odenkirk and David Cross of "Mr. Show with Bob and David," who later produced the short-lived Tenacious D HBO program, along with Black and Gass. Clearly, the relationship has not fizzled. John Ennis, another "Mr. Show" alum, is featured in the video as well.

Check out the full clip above to see the disturbing effects of Tenacious D on Tinnitis patients.