04/25/2012 10:17 am ET

The Spiritual Evolution Of Oprah

“She has used her influence to do for spirituality what Anna Wintour has done for fashion.”

The weight-obsessed, book-club-touting, Dr.Phil-praising Oprah has collected her Emmy’s and signed off air. Enter the fire-walking, Earth-transcending, and self proclaimed vibrating Oprah who has traded her slingshot of Pontiacs for a canon of “ah-ha” moments.

She’s poised, regal, and more illuminated than ever. “You are a spiritual being having a human experience” she preaches in a flattering champagne ensemble before a live New York, Skype, and Facebook audience on Monday’s global broadcast of Life Class: the Tour. She’s about to introduce Deepak Chopra and there’s a sparkle in her eye–a visual rejuvenation not even L’Oréal could promise. It’s as if the end of her talk show has allowed her to slay her insecurities and reincarnate into this generation’s greatest spiritual teacher.

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