04/25/2012 04:35 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

The Ultimate No-Bake Cake (VIDEO)

We've heard of no-bake cakes before, but this is on a different level. Submitted to Vimeo by Alan Travers, the video shown above features his girlfriend Dee's legendary chocolate biscuit cake, which she made "so many times now that the ingredients could make it by themselves." The stop-motion video shows everyday ingredients as they spring into action in an unattended kitchen: marshmallows dance to a kitchen scale, cookies break themselves into a million little pieces, and eggs with a death wish make martyrs of themselves for the common good (of cake, that is). Melted chocolate eventually makes its way into the mixture, which is chilled and cut into rounds. Voila! A cake is born.

Though this scenario may be a wild stretch of the imagination, the cake actually does bake itself, in a way -- it's a no-bake recipe. That reminded us of a few of our favorite no-bake dishes. Check out the recipes below.

More No-Bake Recipes
No-Bake Cookies
No-Bake Chocolate-Truffle Pie
No-Bake Berry-Orange Cheesecake Pie

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In the mood for chocolate cake now? Check out the recipes below.

chocolate cake recipes