04/25/2012 10:52 am ET

The Wanted, 'Chasing The Sun' Music Video: British Boy Band Release New Vampire Video

British boy band The Wanted have released their new music video for their latest U.S. single "Chasing the Sun," and if you're a fan of attractive men, British accents and "Twilight," you're in luck.

In the video, the guys -- Tom, Nathan, Max, Jay and Siva -- are hanging out in a club when they meet a mysterious group of women, who leave the chaps with curious tattoos in the shape of a sunburst. They then proceed to run around Los Angeles, looking pretty suave. These scenes are intercut with shots of the band on a rooftop at dawn singing the chorus of the track. Get it, guys? They're actually chasing the sun.

Turns out their '90s-looking sunburst tattoos grant them access to an exclusive sunburst party, where the guys meet up with the ladies from the club. However, things an unnecessary supernatural turn when we find out these girls are actually blood-sucking vampires. The boys get bitten, but no worries Wanted fans, they head into the morning light -- which means they're fine, right?

"Our song 'Chasing the Sun' is basically about the party that keeps on going," member Jay McGuiness told MTV on set of the video.

Not to start a boy band war or anything, but that other U.K. boy band, One Direction, also has a song about a party that "keeps on going." It's called "Up All Night," and at their pre-teen party, they're "playing Katy Perry on replay." We're pretty sure we'd take that over getting bitten by vampires any day.

The Wanted recently released their new U.S. album, The Wanted EP.

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