04/26/2012 10:13 am ET Updated Apr 26, 2012

Detroit Tigers: Most Expensive Beer Of Any Major League Baseball Team May Be Served At Comerica Park [UPDATE]

UPDATE: 11:05 a.m. -- It seems the Tigers aren't the winners of the most expensive beer honor after all, as a report from showed.

The Detroit News reports a Comerica Park concessions spokesman "vigorously denied" the report, which put the Tigers' 20-ounce beer at $8.75. In fact, he said they don't actually sell a 20-ounce beer. A 16-ounce beer is $6.75, just 59 cents above the report's estimation of the MLB average.

Miami's Marlins Park came in second on's list, with an $8 beer, but now we're a bit skeptical of the website's rankings.

Detroit's Comerica Park does sell a 24-ounce beer for $8.50, so the Tigers might still be near the top. At least after that $8.75 scare, the park's $5 "value" 12-ounce beer is looking pretty reasonable.

UPDATE: 2:47 p.m. -- has now updated the article on its site, removed the Tigers and Comerica Park from the expensive beers list, and issued a correction.

Correction: Due to inaccurate information from Team Marketing Report, the price of a small beer at the Detroit Tigers' Comerica Park was misreported in an earlier version of this story. Tigers spokesman Ron Colangelo says the price of the smallest beer at that facility is $5.


Cash-conscious Tigers fans should steer clear of the beer vendors this season.

A report from shows Detroit's Comerica Park has the honor of serving the most expensive beer at Major League Baseball games. At Comerica Park, a small draft beer is a whopping $8.75. The Tigers beat the MLB beer price average, $6.16, by a long shot, so here's hoping they bring the same above-and-beyond attitude to their hitting this season.

The Comerica Park beer price is up 46 percent from last year, though WXYZ points out that the "small" beer size is also up 25 percent to 20 ounces.

Here's a little buzzed math for Tigers and beer enthusiasts: For the price of about 10 beers, you could purchase nosebleed seats for 18 games.

While we would never recommend smuggling beer into Comerica Park -- a serious no-no -- budget drinkers may have better luck getting their buzz before or after the game at one of the many nearby bars where you can frequently get three or four draughts for your $8.75.

But if you're not satisfied ponying up the cash, drinking elsewhere, or even abstaining, there might be one last option. We're waiting to see if anyone follows the lead of the Livonia, Mich., man who decided to sue his local movie theater over the high cost of concessions. Could Comerica Park face similar legal action?

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