04/27/2012 01:25 pm ET

Kate Middleton & Prince William Just Like Us: A Year Of Playing, Planting & Painting (PHOTOS)

Prince William and Kate Middleton -- er, the Duchess of Cambridge -- may seem untouchable, what with all the jet-setting world travel, movie premieres and that big, fancy wedding. But we all know that they aren't (for proof, see how many little children have felt totally fine touching Kate).

Since their wedding a year ago, Catherine and William have earned fans for their down-to-earth ways. We've seen them take in a rodeo, go grocery shopping, paint pictures, play hockey and, yes, even drink. They even flew home from their cousin Zara Phillips' wedding on a budget airline, sitting among the common folk in coach and spending a mere $62 on each ticket.

And then, of course, there are all of Kate's fashion repeats. We do that all the time!

As if you needed any more proof that this darling royal couple is "just like us," check out our slideshow below. Happy Anniversary Weekend!

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Kate & Will Are Just Like Us