04/26/2012 06:57 pm ET

Rick Scott Angers Florida Election Officials With Performance Ranking Survey

Florida election officials are fuming Thursday over a survey ranking their performance across eight areas.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott's (R) office came up with the idea to rank the 67 county officials on rubrics such as how quickly they posted election results and when they mailed out absentee ballots, with "extra credit" for turning in some items early. The results of the survey were due to be released this week.

But the supervisors, who are independently elected, say the surveys are inaccurate, and are calling on the state to hold off on making the results public.

"The process was flawed from the start," Pinellas Supervisor of Elections Deb Clark told The Miami Herald. "Questions and procedures were unclear, obviously written by people who can cite statutes, but have no understanding of what is required to conduct an election."

Another election supervisor, Ann McFall, told the Associated Press that Scott's actions reminded her of former Secretary of State Katherine Harris.

Scott, who has announced he will run for a second term in 2014, also suffered a setback Wednesday, when a federal judge ruled that his executive order to drug test state officials violated the Constitution.

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