04/26/2012 11:59 pm ET

Stuart Chaifetz Update: Kelly Altenburg, Teacher, Hires Lawyer Amid Outrage Over Audio Recording (VIDEO)

A YouTube video posted by Stuart Chaifetz revealing audio evidence of his 10-year-old son Akian's emotional abuse at the hands of his educators has recently sparked broad debate in the media.

After that very revelation cost one classroom aide to lose her job, Akian's teacher Kelly Altenburg has hired a lawyer in response to the uproar, Radar Online reports.

“It is unfair that he put her name out there on the Internet without her being able to defend herself," Altenburg's family member, who wished to remain anonymous, told Radar Online. "It has been very one sided and they need to review a few things and come out with a statement to defend herself ... I don’t know if there has ever been an issue with this man before because I don’t work with her, but she wasn’t even in the office most of that day."

In response to discovering that Altenburg still teaches in the district, Chaifetz recorded a second video doing something he previously said he wouldn't: release the teacher's name to the public.

"I am releasing that now because I have to justify the purpose of this campaign to show that I wasn't wrong," Chaifetz says in the video. "Let me say this again, I do not want to fight the school board and the superintendent... I agree, they did take swift action. Thank you for doing that. Thank you for firing Jodi."

Chaifetz went on to say that wasn't enough, and that justice for his son can only be attained with Altenburg's termination.

Collingswood Patch reports that Chaifetz says Akian hasn't exhibited any violent behavior since being removed from Altenburg's classroom.

WATCH the update from Stuart Chaifetz above.