04/26/2012 02:00 pm ET Updated Apr 26, 2012

Arizona State Undie Run: ASU Students Strip, Donate Clothing, Food To Charity

On the last day of classes, most college students are about ready to let their hair down.

But at Arizona State University, more than 15,000 co-eds let down a lot more than their tresses when school came to a close. They took off all of their clothing -- down to their underwear -- for charity, for the fifth annual ASU Undie Run.

The generous, skin-bearing students gathered in a parking lot on Tuesday evening and were each required to give away the clothing off their backs and two cans of food.

"No donation = no entry," the event’s website explicitly states.

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After removing their garb, participants ran 500 feet (it used to be a mile), reports and sent off their donations to five local noteworthy charities.

“Not only can students maximize their fun by conjugating together in their underwear (and what’s more fun than that?)," the organizers write on the event’s website, “but they can also fill themselves with a sense of satisfaction when they give back to the community.”

In total, the ASU Undie Run collected more than 5,000 pounds of clothes and 3,000 pounds of food, the National Post reports, which was doled out to a number of organizations, including Arizona Helping Hands and Move for Hunger.

“It's become a huge established ASU tradition,” Kayla Frost, event organizer, told, “and also five local Arizona charities depend on us for donations at a time where they really need it.”

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