04/26/2012 03:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wheat Thins Weirdness: Tracy Morgan Plays With Gerbils In Wacky New Commercial (VIDEO)

Ever wanted to watch Tracy Morgan in footie pajamas play with a dozen or so gerbils while eating Wheat Thins? Well, now you can thanks to the snack company's latest ad campaign, which is weird, to say the least.

Oh, and he also wants to translate his memoirs into Esperanto.

A shorter, 31-second spot posted to a Wheat Thins-run YouTube page is accompanied with the following caption:

Meet Tracy Morgan. He likes gerbils, he takes pride in his wardrobe selection, and he always likes to crunch on new Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins -- the salty snack that helps fuel your day to "Do what you do."

Wheat Thins' campaign of strange, which implores consumers to "boldly do what you do," doesn't end there. Yesterday, the company posted a tongue-in-cheek video featuring a mustachioed Alex Trebek spouting Trebek-isms. Scroll to the bottom to check it out.

Another commercial with the knowledgable Trebek has already been coasting the air waves.

Both are in step with the sort of things Wheat Thins is doing these days. Earlier this year, it released another video of a man with a prominent mustache, the "Do-Minatrix." One thing's for sure -- none of these videos seem to have very much to do with Wheat Thins.