04/27/2012 01:36 pm ET

Beyonce's 'Most Beautiful Woman' Title: The Strategy Behind People's Cover

Beyonce has a lot on her plate these days. The singer launched a new fragrance last fall and is about to make her return to the stage over Memorial Day weekend. And, as many people know by now, she recently became a new mom.

This begs the question: Does People magazine, which put the singer on its “Most Beautiful Woman" cover this week, really think that Beyonce earned the top spot, or did the publication and the singer’s team think this was a strategic business partnership to meld their brands together?

Matt Delzell, a marketing expert with Davie-Brown Entertainment, said there was definitely a strategy behind People's cover.

"You don’t get to the stature of Beyonce or have the success in music, film, fashion that Beyonce has without a strategic approach," Delzell said. "Fortunately for her, because of her reputation and success, she can pick and choose the absolute best opportunities that line up with her brand."

“Both sides will benefit and yes, it’s a strategic move on both sides," Delzell added.

But how will they benefit? A “Most Beautiful” People cover isn’t like other magazine covers. “Beautiful” issues get much more press than others at the newsstand. Did you hear about Beyonce's cover this week on TV, radio or the Internet? It's highly likely you did.

"[The Beyonce cover] will help sell magazines for People,” said media analyst Brad Adgate of Horizon Media. “Just think about the response on Twitter after Beyonce exposed her baby bump at the MTV VMAs. That alone shows the interest in her and her baby.”

Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, didn’t sell the first photos of their daughter, Blue Ivy, the way many celebrities do. They instead released a series of shots on Tumblr, which avoided creating a greedy image. But working with People on the “Most Beautiful” cover is another way for Beyonce to capitalize on giving birth without seeming like she's getting a check for having a baby. She basically gets to bolster her brand.

“Beyonce is a smart businesswoman! There's no way she would have agreed to be on the cover of People, named as the 'Most Beautiful Woman in the World,' if she didn't have business projects that she will be promoting,” said Hollywood Life Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller. “Beyonce may feel that she has been out of the limelight for several months, being pregnant and then giving birth and nursing Blue Ivy. What better and more positive way to reintroduce herself to her fans and fans-to-be than on such a flattering magazine cover and in a very positive, non-controversial interview?"

It's true -- Beyonce’s brand is evolving. She's no longer the sexy single lady or the newlywed. She’s a mom -- and her interview with People cements her in that role, something that is incredibly lucrative for celebrities when it comes to entering the world of mom-product endorsements.

“This cover story allowed her to re-assert herself as a normal, down-to-earth mom, despite her celebrity status. She talks about giving birth, nursing, working at dropping her baby weight and juggling the demands of career and motherhood,” Fuller said. “She gets to very quickly zap the unflattering image of herself as a diva in the press ... That's important for her image.”

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