04/27/2012 08:21 am ET Updated Apr 27, 2012

Fashion Shack's Old Commercial Is The Best Inadvertently Funny Store Ad (VIDEO)

Nothing brightens up our Friday morning like stumbling across hilarious vintage commercials that were made not in jest and without a hint of irony. This particularly special gem comes to us from The Fashion Shack in South Carolina.

Don't get us wrong -- we're all in favor of small, family-owned stores. Sometimes that's where you pick up the best finds. But the homemade ad (or so it seems) lays it on thick with the slow jamz music, the wacky font and a deep ominous voice impelling us to find our sartorial destiny in South Carolina.

Plus, while teenage girls spin and jump in the store's wares, the designer names of Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Nautica flash across the bottom of the screen... along with "the names in the mall we can't call." Cliffhanger!

We always enjoy a laugh during our morning coffee. Thanks to the guys at for plucking this from the Internet ether for your Friday viewing pleasure.