04/27/2012 05:27 pm ET

Hugh Grant, Sophia Grace, Rosie Have Tea On 'Ellen' Show (VIDEO)

Fancy china, fluffy skirts, sparkly tiaras and Hugh Grant. Sophia Grace and Rosie sure know how to do tea right.

The British actor recently sat down with the "Ellen" show darlings for some tea and small talk.

Sophia Grace and Rosie cracked some jokes with Grant, who also spoke about American culture and his latest film.

Naturally, Sophia Grace didn't hesitate when Grant asked her to demonstrate her best American accent.

"I can't believe I'm in the tea room with Hugh Grant," she exclaimed.

Curious about the outgoing child's personality, HuffPost writer Lisa Belkin spoke with Sophia Grace's father, Dominic Brownlee, about his daughter's upbringing.

The conversation yielded a perhaps shocking revelation: Miss Sophia Grace is actually shy.

"She's better at talking with adults than children her own age," Dominic said. "When she goes on these programs she seems to be able to talk to the adults as if she's an adult. When she's around kids she gets tongue tied."

Nevertheless, the British girl and her cousin, Rosie, continue to entertain viewers throughout the world with their breakout songs and latest Nicki Minaj-inspired performances.