04/27/2012 05:14 pm ET

Klouchebag Site Mocks Klout By Measuring Twitter ‘Asshattery'

Tired of hearing colleagues and friends celebrate their Klout score? Well, now there's a new site that might help put them in their place.

Londoner Tom Scott has come up with a parody spinoff to the social media scorecard, PC Magazine reports.

Dubbed "Klouchebag," the site gives Twitter users a 1-100 score based on four metrics, including anger, retweet abuse, social apps and English misuse.

Within seconds, the site spits out a 1-100 score describing your online influence. The higher the score, the bigger jerk you are on Twitter.

The site also provides humorous phrases to describe online behavior, from "A Bit Of A Prat," or for the less offensive, "Mostly Alright."

Scott first got the idea after reading a Wired profile on Klout.

"I'd been annoyed with the idea of Klout for a while, and that [article] crystallized it," he told the Huffington Post.

About 24 hours later, he'd registered the domain name and built the site in just a couple of hours.

While Klouchebag's aim clearly isn't to become a Klout rival, Scott hopes it will help people to stop putting so much thought into what he calls an "arbitrary" score and "ever-changing system."

"Imagine if all that time went into actually making interesting things, or caring about the people around you," he said.

In honor of the newly launched Klouchebag site, take a look at some entertaining tweets from users below.