04/27/2012 03:56 pm ET

National Geographic Photos Celebrate National Park Week (PHOTOS)

New images from National Geographic and its legions of fans are bringing National Park Week, which ends this Sunday, to an appropriately picturesque conclusion.

The photos are part of an online gallery of user-submitted images that National Geographic has created. They're also available in the organization's new iPhone app, National Parks by National Geographic, that offers interactive guides to 20 of the most-visited parks, with more guides on the way.

The collection of photos is newsworthy with this weekend's wrap-up of the annual National Park Week. The event encourages travelers to visit the country's 397 parks by waiving entrance fees and hosting a variety of special programs. It's also a chance to marvel in the incredible scenery the parks deliver.

And that these photographers have managed to capture.

Amazing National Geographic Photos of National Parks