04/27/2012 01:49 pm ET

Olivia Wilde Spills Beauty Secrets To 'T Magazine': 'House' Actress Doesn't Tweeze Her Eyebrows (PHOTOS)

When it comes to natural beauty, look no further than Olivia Wilde. The stunning "House" actress and Revlon Global Ambassador loves scrubbing her face clean at the end of a day of filming and never has to tweeze her eyebrows.

"I’ve been letting [my eyebrows] grow out for years. I try to fill them in wherever nature has abandoned me," Wilde recently told T Magazine. "I just fill in under the arch and soften them up a bit... so I look less like some evil Disney queen."

Aside from her eyebrows' naturally pointy shape that can at times turn a bit evil queenish, little to no eyebrow maintenance is certainly a boon -- no monthly eyebrow waxing appointments or mid-week plucking necessary.

The rest of Wilde's daily beauty routine reflects the same laid-back style. A simple cleanser and moisturizer are all she needs in the morning to start her day. If she doesn't have to wear makeup, she chooses to forgo it all together and give her skin a break. After all, film makeup can be heavy, especially after a long day on set.

It's no wonder why Revlon chose Wilde as one of its spokeswomen. We applaud celebs who speak up about how they're able to maintain their star-quality looks. With Botox and other artificial beauty routines on the rise, it's hard to find someone in the spotlight who not only opts for the au natural look, but flaunts it.

Other celebs from Mila Kunis to Katie Holmes have stepped out in public with makeup-free faces, showing they don't care what they look like when they're running errands or going to the gym -- just like us!

Check out Olivia Wilde's style evolution!

Olivia Wilde Style Evolution