04/27/2012 06:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Syria Crisis Digest: April 21-April 27

Each week, HuffPost World will provide the top stories out of Syria and a recap of events in the country's year-long uprising, as President Bashar Assad’s regime continues its bloody crackdown.

April 21 - April 27 In Review

  • A suicide bomber detonated a bomb in Damascus on Friday, killing at least 10 and injuring almost 30. Three separate, smaller explosions also rocked the capital.
  • A large blast killed dozens and flattened parts of a neighborhood in the city of Hama on Wednesday. While the regime claimed the blast was caused by anti-regime bomb-makers who accidentally set off a blast, opposition members blamed intense shelling of the city by government troops.
  • Despite visits by U.N. ceasefire monitors, regime forces shelled the neighborhood of Douma in Damascus for 3 consecutive days.
  • France warned Syria that it could call on the U.N. Security Council to use military action if Damascus does not comply with the ceasefire conditions.
  • 3 Syrian regime officiers were killed in separate attacks around Damascus.
  • The U.N. announced plans to provide food aid to half a million people in Syria.

Media Not To Miss -- 'Numbers and Locations of People Fleeing the Violence in Syria' has published a map showing the number of people fleeing Syria, including refugees seeking assistance in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan.

See the map here.

BBC - 'Dozens Killed In Huge Hama Blast'

The BBC aired footage from a "massive explosion" in Hama. Dozens were killed, including 13 children, and buildings were toppled by the blast.

Activists blamed the Syrian regime for the massacre, while the government said the blast was caused by an 'accidental explosion' in a building used for bomb-making by 'terrorist' groups.

AFP/Getty Images -- Photos Of Homs

Photos of damaged buildings in Bayyada neighborhood on April 23, 2012.

Al Jazeera -- 'Map: Exclusive Aerial Images Of Syria'

Satellite images reveal a glimpse of the destruction in several Syrian cities. Click on the numbers on the maps (here) to see more information about army deployments, or watch the video below:

AFP/Getty Images -- Photo Purportedly Showing Torture

A Syrian man shows his injured back in the city of Rastan, north of the central restive city of Homs, on April 27, 2012, claiming that he was tortured by regime forces. Amnesty International said that it has received the names of more than 360 people reportedly killed in Syria since U.N. ceasefire observers deployed last week, and called for a more robust mission.

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