04/27/2012 02:13 pm ET

USC Security Officer Fell Asleep On The Job Day After Increased Security Announced (VIDEO)

The timing couldn't be worse. The day after the Los Angeles Police Department announced increased security measures for the University of Southern California (USC), a USC security officer fell asleep on the job and was caught on camera, CBS reports.

The officer was in one of the security kiosks set up across the campus meant to make students and faculty feel safer and to serve as a crime deterrent. However, the video of the sleeping officer does anything but distill a sense of safety.

The increase security, which includes thirty more police officers in area surrounding USC, was in response to the recent murder of two USC students.

Carey Drayton, chief of USC’s department of public safety, responded to the video, saying, “It’s unfortunate that somebody doesn’t pay attention to what our policies, procedures and training tell them not to do." He added, "We'll be dealing with it accordingly."