04/28/2012 01:36 pm ET

No Stunt Doubles Allowed: 14 Hollywood Daredevils Who Do Their Own Stunts (PHOTOS)

It may be painful, but it will definitely earn you street cred in Hollywood -- or at least a few bruises. Though most actors and actresses opt for a stunt double to take on the most dangerous -- or even the least dangerous -- action sequences, more and more celebs are showing they are as fearless as some of their on-screen characters.

Most recently, Kristen Stewart revealed that she chose to do most of her own stunts for her upcoming feature "Snow White and the Huntsman."

"[Director] Rupert [Sanders] beat me up. He definitely threw me off cliffs and made me trudge through frigid, icy waters. It looks so cool, though," Stewart said. "I can actually see the pain and discomfort on my face. It's awesome."

Stewart is no stranger to performing her own stunts. Her "Twilight" co-star Ashley Greene said that Stewart and the rest of the crew were ambitious in pulling off their own stunts.

However, insurance companies often intrude and prevent stars from making their own choices on whether or not they perform all of their own stunts. Insurance was an issue for Christian Bale on the set of "The Fighter," impeding him from performing all of his own stunt work.

But when actors and actresses do get the go-ahead to perform their own stunts, most do it for authenticity, because it makes the scenes more believable.

Here's a look at 13 other stars who have taken on the dangers of stunt work during filming.

Actors & Actresses Who Do Their Own Stunts