04/29/2012 09:02 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2012

Calypso St. Barth Features Zandile Blay And More In 'Generations Of Style' Campaign (PHOTOS)

In celebration of Mother's Day, the clothing company Calypso St. Barth decided to feature a select group of fashion-loving daughters and moms to model their fabulous tunics for a "Generations Of Style" campaign.

From Socialite, Hannah Bronfman and her philanthropist mother, Sherri Bronfman to former First Lady of New York, Michelle Paige Paterson along with her daughter and mother- they laughed, danced and worked the camera for our viewing pleasure.

Below, one of the ladies, Huffington Post columnist and founder of Africa Style Daily--Zandile Blay, talks with her sister, film columnist, Zeba Blay about the beauty of seeing their mother go from shy girl to fly girl at the "Generations Of Style" fashion shoot.

Check out their cute conversation and all the fun photos from the shoot below!

Zandile: I'm still buzzing about the amazing Calypso St. Barth's ad campaign. How cool to see us - and mom - as models!
Zeba: I know! It was so fun!
Zandile: And so surreal. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about Mom being on set for a fashion shoot. She seems barely familiar in the idea of one - let alone - being a featured model.
Zeba: I was a little surprised she said yes to begin with! But she was such a diva by the end of it! I mean she was dancing to Beyonce - and I mean dancing!
Zandile: And that was the biggest surprise! Who knew mom could drop it like it’s hot?
Zeba: Hahaaa! I was applauding! But that was nothing - you should have seen her before you got to the studio though - she was very shy at first!
Zandile: What made her break through her shell?
Zeba: Honestly? I think once she got her hair and makeup done, she got her mojo!
Zandile: She looked absolutely beautiful beautiful! And she taught me a thing or two about her that day.
Zeba: I for one learned that she's really proud of us - she wouldn't stop talking about us. It really felt good to see. What about you?
Zandile: I learned that mom is a woman!
Zeba: Haha! What?
Zandile: In the sense that she's not just our mom or a mom. She’s not just here to love, serve and protect us. She’s a woman with her own style, a vibrant personality and some really sexy dance moves we had no idea of!
Zeba: Totally! That discovery was above and beyond what I thought I would get out of this experience.
Zandile: Which was?
Zeba: Simply seeing Mommy get pampered! You know how she's always asking that we take more pics of her? Now we have this beautiful family portrait to add to the collection.
Zandile: And the experience of seeing a different side of a woman we love. Yeah, a better Mother’s Day gift couldn’t be possible. She better not ask for anything else!
Zeba: Straight up! Haha!