04/30/2012 11:26 am ET

8 Minor 'Arrested Development' Characters We Miss

It’s not news that Arrested Development is coming back via Netflix. What is news is that the episodes will all be released at once, turning that day into a de facto holiday for much of generations X and Y, and possibly even millenials, though I have no idea what that phrase means.

Along with the news of the 10-episode comedy atom bomb, we learned from no less than show creator Mitch Hurwitz that Scott Baio’s Bob Loblaw will be returning as well. Of course, it’s biologically impossible to not enjoy the name Bob Loblaw (He lobs law bombs!), but the character didn’t do much for me, as rejecting Lindsay’s advances had become old hat by the time he appeared on the show.

However, there is no shortage of characters that I do feel passionate about, and who should find their way onto the show post-haste. Here are eight such characters.