04/30/2012 02:23 pm ET Updated May 01, 2012

Azealia Banks Lands Met Gala 2012 Performance & A Date With Alexander Wang (UPDATED)

Just when we thought Adele/Taylor Swift/Jennifer Lopez was going to perform at the prestigious Met Gala... it looks like the honor might be going to newcomer Azealia Banks.

Fashionista caught wind of a few telling tweets, in which Banks name-dropped just enough to break the news:

I can't wait for the MET ball! I'm going as Alexander Wang's date. He custom made my outfit and shoes ! !!!! It's soooo hot !

Followed by:

I've Been invited to Perform for PRADA next week in NYC! Gonna b so lush !! Let's see what new songs I debut there! #metball2012

From which we can conclude the following:

-- Azealia Banks will perform at some point in the Gala, even if not as the sole performer of the night (an honor previously bestowed upon Rihanna, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, etc.).

-- Following a private Karl Lagerfeld concert with a gig at fashion's biggest party? Banks is the industry's newest musical fave.

-- Lana del Rey's fashion moment, on the other hand, seems to be drawing to a swift close, that Met Gala invite notwithstanding.

-- Those Jennifer Lopez rumors are looking less and less true.

Whether or not Banks is the only performer at next Monday's ball, she'll still be walking the red carpet with Alexander Wang on her arm. Not bad for the hip-hop singer who debuted her first single only four months ago.

UPDATE, 5/1/12: Seems as though Banks' spot at the Met may not be a done deal... or at least not ideal. The New York Post points out that as of this morning, Azealia has deleted the aforementioned tweets. In addition, a source tells the Post that Nicki Minaj, not Banks, was Vogue's first choice to perform at the Gala, which makes sense given Anna Winour's chumminess with Minaj during Spring 2012 fashion week. But apparently Minaj never signed the papers and left the Gala organizers, Vogue included, in the lurch. All will be revealed on Monday!

Can't wait till Monday? See what everyone wore at last year's 2011 Met Gala, below...

Met Gala 2011