04/30/2012 09:28 am ET

Bon Iver Erotica: Fan Tumblr Gives Indie Rocker The Ryan Gosling Treatment

Ryan Gosling has saved women from getting hit by taxicabs, walked around Brooklyn fiddling a bizarre instrument and broken up fights on the street. For his efforts, the actor has earned the attention of countless Tumblr users who have in turn adorned him with meme after meme. There's the Hey Girl body of work, including a tumblr that envisions Gosling as a feminist. There's even a Silicon Valley version.

Gosling may have dominated the imaginations of American women for much of the past year or so, but three friends have decided that there's another man worthy of adoration and tumblr devotion: Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame.

Alex Finkle, Alice Warren-Gregory and Anna Sawyer of Boulder, Colorado have teamed up to bring you Bon Iver Erotica. (The site refers to Vernon by "Bon Iver," perhaps unwittingly perpetuating the myth that "Bon Iver" is the name of a person, not the band.)

"The three of us independently determined that we had inexplicable hots for Justin Vernon after watching that 40-minute studio session on Vimeo," Finkel told HuffPost Entertainment. "Upon discovering our mutual love, we began spitballing romantic scenarios during a 3 am. car ride. There was a lot of laughing. Text messages ensued, and three days later the blog was born."

We asked the trio about Gosling's dominance of the romantic meme world, and Finkel said that though the "Notebook" star has "indisputable merit," "the strong, silent type isn't really our thing."

"Justin's dreamy, vulnerable, woodsy demeanor along with his willingness to share feelings are what tickle our hearts," he said. "We believe there is a place for both Ryan and Justin in this world."

"Also, sensing tension," he added. "This morning Bon Iver sent Ryan a hand-crafted wicker basket filled with artisan soaps and soft goat-fur washcloths."

Nice guy, that Justin Vernon.

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