04/30/2012 07:35 pm ET

Kevin Camarata, Military Dad Who Dressed Up As Captain America Attends 'The Avengers' Screening

Last month, military dad Kevin Camarata returned from Afghanistan just in time for his younger son's birthday. A surprise homecoming would have been a great gift on its own, but he went one step further and swept in, dressed as a superhero -- Captain America. When he removed his disguise, mom caught the tear-jerking moment on camera, uploaded the video to YouTube and it (unsurprisingly) turned into Internet gold.

What happened next? Disney caught wind of dad's heroic moment and surprised him right back. They invited the entire family to a special screening of "The Avengers" at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, April 28th.

Camarata expressed his gratitude in a touching interview (which you can watch above). "This was incredible... When we put the video on the Internet nothing like this was even considered," he said.

He also revealed the backstory about his big surprise. Originally, dad's reveal was supposed to take place at his son's birthday party. He just happened to show up for breakfast at home instead. Clearly, this superhero had perfect timing.