04/30/2012 10:42 am ET

Kris Jenner Says Kim Kardashian Would Be An Amazing Mayor (VIDEO)

The Kardashians have not yet taken the Capital, but it's only a matter of time, right?

Kim Kardashian continued to tease us with her political aspirations to one day be the mayor of Glendale, Calif., telling reporters at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday to "stay tuned," as she "always sets [her] goals really high."

Scoffs were heard around the world, when an unaired clip from "Khloe & Lamar" revealed that the 31-year-old is considering running for office in the largely Armenian city in 2017, but her mother and manager, Kris Jenner, says Kim would make an "amazing" mayor.

"I think somebody in Glendale was talking to her about holding the mayor position. I think Kim is so busy right now, but who knows. Stranger things have happened," she told The Hollywood Reporter, adding, "Actually, she would be amazing at holding office, because she's so smart and she's got the kind of personality that she can handle something like that, but I think right now we've got our hands full at the moment."

The Kardashians do have their hands full right now, especially with the reported $40 million deal they inked with E! to be paid over the next three seasons of their franchise of reality shows.

And while the Kardashians continue to tease us with plans to run for office, we hope by now someone has pointed out that in Glendale there's no campaigning necessary.

According to the Glendale News Press, the city does not elect its mayor, and the largely ceremonial post is decided among five City Council members on an annual basis.

If Kim has any plans to impress officials, she might want to know a thing or two about how their government actually works. "It’s going to require a little bit of homework and not simply relying on a perceived base of support," the city's elected clerk, Ardy Kassakhian, who runs municipal elections, told the paper.

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