04/30/2012 03:59 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2012

Marijuana Policy Project Donates Over $500,000 To Colorado Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, Amendment 64

Running for office? Gotta have it. Need to pass a ballot initiative? There, too. Regardless of the campaign, cash is king. And of all movements hoping to see green (ahem), Colorado’s Initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol needs it just like the rest.

And on that note, backers of Amendment 64 just received great news. The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), a D.C.-based group lobbying, among other things, to "change state laws to reduce or eliminate penalties for the medical and non-medical use of marijuana," recently concluded a "money bomb" campaign.

According to a release from the organization, the "money bomb" generated $694,383 for the Colorado campaign, $500,000 of which should be available shortly.

“This is obviously a huge boost,” said campaign director Mason Tvert to the Colorado Independent. “This will give us the opportunity to expand on the success we’ve already had.”

Reached for comment by The HuffPost, Morgan Fox, Communications Manager for the MPP, said the organization did not financially support California's Proposition 19 (similar to Colorado's Amendment 64) in 2010 but did provide media support and public education. MPP has no plans to contribute funds to Washington's legalization initiative (I-502) this year.

"These funds will be used for television ads conveying our message that marijuana prohibition has failed and it is time to regulate marijuana like alcohol," Tvert told The HuffPost in an email. "This is the largest sum of money that has been pledged thus far, and the success of this fundraising challenge demonstrates just how much support there is out there for regulating and taxing marijuana like alcohol."

The Amendment 64 Campaign has already erected a Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol billboard on I-25 near downtown Denver.

PHOTO of the billboard and supporting flyers:



Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Billboards