04/30/2012 11:03 am ET Updated Jun 05, 2013

Travel Safety Tips: 6 Health Tips For Post 50s Going On Vacation

Before you venture out on vacation this summer, there are a few crucial items you may not even have on your to-do list. Huff/Post50 recently spoke with Dr. Ronald Adelman of Cornell University's Center for Aging Research and Clinical Care, who offered medical tips for post 50s getting ready to hit the road.

First, arrange to speak with your doctor before going away about medications, immunizations and activities that involve a great deal of exertion, said Dr. Adelman. Medical conditions won’t necessarily dash your vacation plans as long as you prepare accordingly. “You’re free to travel with all sorts of chronic medical conditions, you just need to adjust," said Dr. Adelman, who stressed that summer travel is all about prevention and hydration. "Vacation in the summer is wonderfully healthy. It's important to prepare for it."

Interested in some helpful travel tips for your summer vacation? Check out the slideshow below for Dr. Adelman's travel safety tips:



Summer Travel Tips