05/01/2012 08:49 am ET Updated May 01, 2012

Dwyane Wade Throws Mike Bibby's Shoe Toward Heat Bench (VIDEO)

In the NBA playoffs, the difference between victory and defeat can often be a single play and players look for any opportunity to gain an edge (even if it means flopping).

When Knicks reserve point guard Mike Bibby lost his shoe while boxing out Dwyane Wade for a defensive rebound in Game 2, the Heat star jumped at the chance to put New York at a momentary disadvantage.

As Bibby looked to make an outlet pass, Wade picked up his shoe and tossed it out of bounds toward the Heat bench, taking Bibby out of the offense. The 5-on-4 advantage for Miami didn't matter though, as J.R. Smith found center Tyson Chander for a quick alley-oop to take a 31-29 lead in the second quarter.

Bibby didn't appear to be too pleased after retrieving his shoe. We naturally assumed Bibby screamed, "Who throws a shoe?"