05/01/2012 09:15 am ET Updated May 01, 2012

Heat v. Knicks, Game 2: Best Tweets, Gifs, Photos, And Clips (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Well, that wasn't boring.

Game 2 of the Heat-Knicks series not only brought a convincing win by the home team, but the Ronny Turiaf Dance, Dwyane Wade tossing Mike Bibby's shoe into the first row at the AAA, Chris Bosh trolling LeBron on-camera (again), and AMAR'E STOUDEMIRE PUNCHING A FIRE EXTINGUISHER.

Yep, Amar'e punched through glass, cut his hand, and left a trail of blood on the carpet at AmericanAirlines. Staffers quickly replaced the extinguisher, but not until sports reporters had covered the scene like Horatio Caine on Christmas.

Twitter, meanwhile, not only went for the puns but immediately spawned the humor account @AAAExtinguisher, which promptly gained more followers than most users cultivated in a lifetime. And when Amar'e was snapped ducking out of the locker room with his arm in a sling and a furtive, over-the-shoulder glance, let's just say Bosh was ready.

Check out the best Tweets, gifs, clips, and Twitpics from Monday night's big win:

Best Game 2 Tweets: Heat-Knicks