05/01/2012 09:23 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Rhubarb Recipe Showdown: Send Us Your Best Recipes

Rhubarb -- that pink, sour stalk that's only tasty when cooked down -- is one of the best parts of spring. Hands down. No question about it.

We're forever indebted to whomever decided to take a chance and cook with this pink stalk (especially considering the fact that the leaves can be poisonous). What would this time of year be without strawberry-rhubarb pie, cinnamon-spiced rhubarb crumble or a sweet rhubarb-vanilla compote?

And so, to properly honor this vibrant produce, we're on the hunt for our readers' best rhubarb recipes. And we're sure that you home cooks and bakers out there have got one that'll just blow us away. There are no restrictions in this recipe contest. You can go sweet or savory, simple or complex. The only thing that we ask is that you get a little creative -- and that it's an original recipe (by you). Enter to win the title for the best rhubarb dish. There's a great prize at stake (see below)! Read on for the how, what and when.

Kitchen Daily Rhubarb Recipe Showdown

How it'll work: You'll have 14 days to submit your recipe (check out instructions below); the call for submissions will close 5/14/12. Each recipe will be voted upon by the readers of our site to determine the top three contestants. The voting will end 5/19/12. The top three recipes will be made and tested in our kitchen to determine whose recipe will be named The Best Rhubarb Recipe on 5/28/12.

What you can win: Wusthof Classic Chai Dao knife, retail value of $99.95.

How you can enter: Send us an email at with your recipe, a photo of your rhubarb dish and a short sentence telling us why your dish is so delicious.