05/01/2012 04:48 pm ET Updated May 02, 2012

Spitting Woman Interrupts Chicago News Report (VIDEO)

You don't always have to do something that noteworthy to make the news.

Take this woman in Chicago, who almost earned a cameo in a WCIU feature about the Palmer House Hotel by walking in front of the camera. (See video above.)

The woman cut in front of You & Me This Morning contributor Chris DeRose, who was taping a spot about the history of one of Chicago's oldest hotels. (See the final feature, sans interloper, below.)

Clutching a Red Bull, the woman first asks someone behind the camera for directions before wandering into the frame and spitting--graphically--several times until someone points out that she's in the shot.

Taking her 15 minutes of fame in stride, the woman, who'd explained she had a cold but assured the WCIU staff it was "not catching," offered her (unsolicited) permission for the crew to use the footage on-air.

"Just tell them that the weather here causes colds in Chicago, so that's what you get," the woman offered as a possible news angle. "When you come to Chicago, you get a cold."

"Tell me you got that," DeRose giggles before wishing for hand sanitizer and, presumably, starting another take.