05/01/2012 01:37 pm ET

Sue Simmons Makes Another On-Air Gaffe (WATCH)

Sue Simmons may be on her way out at WNBC, but leave it to the veteran co-anchor of 32 years to cement her presence with yet another on-air blunder.

On Monday evening's 11PM news slot, Simmons blurted out "The ball took a bad hop and it hit me in my breast!" while transitioning from the television show "Smash" to the news.

Simmons' longtime co-anchor Chuck Scarborough questioned, "Are we on?" and then quickly recovered by previewing a safety news segment, with Simmons following suit with her own preview lines.

Yikes, though definitely not as bad as her 2008 "What the f**k are you doing" bomb she dropped live on-air. While Simmons apologized for her hilarious incident, the moment has become a classic moment in live television's greatest blunders.

Simmons will reportedly leave WNBC when her contract runs out in June. As for Scarborough, he'll remain on-air for at least three more years.

For Simmons' F-Bomb and much more, watch the very best from Sue Simmons below: