05/02/2012 04:38 pm ET Updated May 03, 2012

Do You Have An Attitude Of Abundance? YOUR Tweets!

Having a sense of abundance --that wonderful, expansive feeling that your blessings are overflowing -- actually has very little to do with how much cash you have in the bank (or lack thereof). It's deeper and much more spiritual than that, which means that, ideally, it shouldn't be derailed by any day-to-day financial quandaries you may face.

The flip side of abundance is so-called "poverty consciousness." As Arianna puts it in her book "On Becoming Fearless," "Even if we have an adequate income, 'poverty consciousness' -- the fear that no matter how much we have, it's never enough -- can fill us with gut-gripping terror.'"

Actively focusing on creating an inner sense of abundance is the antidote to poverty consciousness. By simply spending a few moments each day thinking about things you're thankful for that don't involve your bottom line or other societal "must-haves," you strengthen your emotional core. Become exceptionally skilled at it, and you will be virtually unshakeable in times of difficulty.

Arianna's mother had this important life skill in spades. "She was the ultimate non-thing person," writes Arianna. "My mother's real wealth was the fact that she never made decisions from a place of lack. She radiated abundance.... True fearlessness about money can come only when we are not driven by an insatiable desire for security but have begun living a life driven by passion and purpose, regardless of our specific financial circumstances. It is impossible to be fearless about money if we don't value other parts of our lives and ourselves more than we value our bank accounts."

These tweeters have also learned first-hand the importance of keeping their eyes on the big picture -- instead of on material matters that are sometimes difficult to control.

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Attitude of Abundance