05/02/2012 01:09 pm ET Updated May 02, 2012

The Best Credit Cards For Graduates: Report

College and high graduates bracing for the future might want to consider building their credit.

Anyone planning to lease a car, rent a home or take out a loan needs a solid credit score. And one of the best way to do it is to buy on credit and then, pay the bill on time.

Is one credit card better than all the rest? Not quite. But some are better-suited for graduates. For example, cards that don't charge an annual fee allow for more cost-effective credit building, while secured cards requiring a security deposit provide a safeguard against overspending, according to Card Hub, a website that compares credit cards.

To help graduates avoid the hassle of ciphering through the various offers, Card Hub compared over 1,000 credit cards to compile a small list: the best card for high school graduates, the most suitable ones for college graduates and the top overall card for graduates.

Do note that if you're under 21, you'll need a parent, guardian or spouse to co-sign your credit agreement, unless you can prove you make a substantial income and can afford to pay your bills.

Here are Card Hub's picks:

Best Credit Cards For Graduates
Best Credit Cards For Graduates