05/02/2012 01:15 pm ET

Donald Trump Thinks Seth Meyers, David Letterman Are Third Rate Comedians (VIDEO)

Seth Meyers was roundly praised for his White House Correspondents Dinner speech last year, but there was one person who wasn't laughing: Donald Trump.

During a visit with David Letterman on Tuesday, Meyers praised Jimmy Kimmel's recent performance at the WHCD, but the conversation quickly turned to the notoriously prickly Trump, who has lately accused both Meyers and Letterman of being "third rate comedians." Trump has apparently never gotten over being the butt of a few of Meyers jokes last year, and he had a similar break with Letterman after the "Late Show" host criticized him for statements he made about Obama.

Check out Meyers and Letterman swapping stories about The Donald above, and let us know if you think, like Letterman, that Trump used to be more fun or if was he always this humorless?