05/02/2012 02:13 pm ET Updated May 03, 2012

Kimberly Koerth, 15, Set To Graduate From Arizona College

A dedicated and high-achieving student from Arizona will become a college graduate this Saturday -- before she even finishes high school. Fifteen-year-old Kimberly Koerth began taking classes at Central Arizona College at the age of 12, when most of her peers were in the sixth grade.

Because her college credits also count towards her high school coursework, Kimberly was able to complete both degrees simultaneously. She will graduate from high school several weeks after her college commencement.

But despite the heavy workload, Kimberly still found time to enjoy being a normal high school student. She told ABC 15 News: "I just went to prom a couple of weeks ago, I still have a lot of fun."

With a two-year Associate's Degree completed, Kimberly will head to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University. She plans to get her Master's Degree by the age of 18.

An even younger student who graduated from college before he could even complete driver's ed is 14-year-old Moshe Kai Cavalin. After graduating from East Los Angeles Community College at age 11 with a 4.0 GPA, he is set to graduate this year from UCLA. Cavalin has written a book, What We Do, about how much young people can accomplish when they focus and work hard.

Seventeen-year-old Taylor Wilson is another teen who's way ahead of the game academically. In the basement of the University of Nevada, Reno, the young physicist is building a nuclear reactor. He also taught a graduate-level physics course at the university last semester.

Taylor told CBS News: "There's nothing that's impossible to me."