05/02/2012 03:34 am ET Updated May 03, 2012

'The Biggest Loser' Finale: Jeremy Britt Wins The Top Prize; Mike Messina Is The At-Home Winner (VIDEO)

The most controversial season yet of "The Biggest Loser" (Tue., 9 p.m. ET on NBC) came to a close -- perhaps a little earlier than anticipated after two contestants walked out a few weeks ago -- and crowned its two winners.

Mike took home top marks and $100,000 in the "At Home" prize for losing the most weight of the eliminated contestants. Those who quit the show were not allowed to participate in the finale. Mike's win was no surprise to those who saw how great he looked when he came back for that game-changing twist that had the final five so up in arms about how unfair it was.

Ironically, it was that same twist that allowed Jeremy to earn his spot back in the game, as pointed out by The Clicker, and it was Jeremy who took home the title of The Biggest Loser and the $250,000 that goes with it. Does he still think it's unfair?

But if the contestants were disgruntled, they weren't alone. Bob Harper has said this was a decidedly unpleasant bunch to work with, and fans weren't too happy with all of the complaining and entitlement on the Ranch. Reality wanted says, "It seems time for all of us to move to season 14 - and hopefully, happier and more positive times." Here's hoping!

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