05/03/2012 11:57 am ET

11 Airport Hotels, Without The Stress (PHOTOS)

Hotels at airports used to be lonely places where blackout curtains and soundproof walls were the biggest selling points. But creating ever more deluxe, relaxing retreats close to or even in the middle of airports is a growing trend.

Orlando International Airport shares a lobby with the Hyatt. In Copenhagen, there is a Thai-style hotel spa open to any traveler who thinks a poolside massage would be a nice way to break up a trip. So successful are these new full-service hotels that some airports actually have more than one.

Airport hotels date to the 1930s, when transoceanic planes were flying boats that hopscotched across the water with stops on small islands to refuel. Pioneering airlines like Pan American World Airways “had no place to land except in the water,” said Stanley Turkel, a hotel consultant. “There were no airports and no runways.”