05/03/2012 02:51 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Designer Domenico Vacca Launches A Crystal Collection Based On A Handbag

Domenico Vacca might be known for his hand-crafted suits and beautiful handbags, but the Italian fashion designer is taking a step off the runway to pursue a different line of luxury pieces -- a high-end collection of crystal home goods.

"When you like beautiful things and when you are in a business like fashion where the beauty element is very, very strong and important, you want to bring that element in to many other areas of whatever can be created," the designer says.

Teaming up with Rogaska, one of the world's oldest and most elite crystal producers, Vacca recently made his debut into home decor with the launch of his Julie collection, which includes more than 25 different pieces ranging from hand-cut bowls and vases to crystal glasses and stemware.

But Vacca says he hasn't turned his back on fashion altogether. In fact, it continues to be his main source of inspiration. It was his signature Julie handbag -- know for its unique, round shape -- that motivated him to create his crystal collection in the first place.

Each piece is cut to almost identically resemble the now iconic bag (named after his wife), which first made its debut 12 years ago. "I think the round shapes are very catching to the eyes," Vacca says. "It’s very smooth, it’s very sexy."

The bowls and vases are even finished with a hand-painted alligator print, a nod to the alligator skins that first made Vacca's bags popular. "Nobody has ever done an alligator print on crystal, Vacca says. "We literally copied, did blue print of the alligator print of one of our bags and reproduced that by hand on the 'crystal'."

Other pieces come in limited-edition colors to reflect that bright leather goods Vacca has become known for.

The collection, which officially launched two weeks ago, is available online and in Vacca's stores. The designer says he also has plans to introduce the line to major department stores. And, he says, there are two more home good collections in the works.

While Vacca's crystal pieces are a little out of our price range (a small vase costs $850), we're still impressed by the artistry of the collection. Plus, we always love it when a designer ventures over to the world of home decor. Check out a few items from the Julie crystal line in our slideshow below, and don't forget to tell us what you think!

Photos provided by Domenico Vacca

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Domenico Vacca's 'Julie' Crystal Collection